About Us

  • Nature and Livelihoods is a Ugandan NGO. A livelihoods initiative for nature conservation on private lands and protected areas, it is a forum for professionals in fields of nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, environmental management, livestock production, fisheries, nutritional health, pharmacology, energy, and other nature-related livelihood sectors to work collaboratively for nature-sensitive livelihoods improvement in rural and urban areas.

    The NGO’s activities are geared towards improving land use efficiency, promoting sustainable use of indigenous biological resources, and protecting sensitive habitats relied upon by threatened species or providing critical ecosystem services. We seek to address livelihood needs mainly of rural people by providing knowledge and incentives that have positive outcomes for biodiversity.

    Our Vision

    We envision a productive, protected area-friendly rural landscape rich in biodiversity, with good representations of indigenous plant and animal life, where nature’s values are well understood and appreciated, and where people consciously sustain nature for their livelihood.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to facilitate coexistence of humans and indigenous flora and fauna on settled [private] lands and to save biodiversity in protected areas using livelihoods approaches that integrate livelihoods improvement with nature conservation.